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WELCOME TO SNH Engineering

Electrical Engineering Design / Consulting Services for Small and Low Cost Budget

Looking for a quality electrical consulting services?

About SNH Engineering

SNH Engineering is a DBE Licensed SMALL Firm specializing in lighting and power design for commercial and industrial facilities and Certification Services for Construction Documents.

The Firm :

  • 35 years of design experience with clients of various sizes.
  • Working closely with architects, engineers and owners throughout design and construction.
  • Can tailor the design to suit budget and working conditions for individual / small clients.
  • With its low overhead, can afford a low profit.
  • Focuses on the following areas of electrical design.

Our Services

Lighting Design

Design systems and suggest equipment and automation techniques to reduce its lighting power consumption.


Power Distribution System Design

Electrical load estimation, switchboard, panel board, transformers, feeders and branch circuit sizing, etc. Protection & Control.

Control System Design

Motor and process controls utilizing ladder relay logic.


Utility Service Design

Medium voltage and low voltage services to facilities and metering from power companies.


Solar Power System Design

Solar Panels, Inverter (Grid-Tie /Off Grid / Battery/ Net Metering ) Systems.


Special System Design

Fire alarm, Security, Telecom/Data

Security System

Security System


Fire Alarm System


Telecom /Data System

Public Address System

Public Address System

Peer Review

Checking design & calculations for accuracy and code compliance (NEC).

Professional Services / Construction Coordination/Support

All work is performed and validated by a professional and licensed Engineer and is guaranteed to satisfaction of the client. Site visits, client/contractor meetings, resolution of technical issues.

Certification Services for Construction Documents

Our engineering company is a group of Professional Engineers (P.E.), Civil, Mechanical (HVAC/Plumbing) & Electrical Engineers.

Our group provides you professional seals and signatures, stamping engineering drawings, plans, reports and Engineer stamped drawings.

We provide PE Review and Seal MEP drawings services for your plans, drawings and engineering documents.

Contact Information


Shah Haque, PE
Principal, SNH Engineering, LLC
8303 Hilltop Circle Drive
Imperial, PA 15126
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